REVO Performance Software products enhance the power, torque, responsiveness and flexibility of your car whilst delivering smooth, reliable and economical performance across the entire rev range.

Software is vigorously tested on REVO cars both on the road and on track ensuring and proving performance. REVO always work within manufacturer set limits also ensuring complete reliability. REVO offer a lifetime warranty on all of their software and 12 months on all SPS devices (please see REVOs website for full warranty details).

Performance Software upgrades include multiple performance programs allowing switching between performance modes, fuel quality, factory stock mode and anti-theft programs. The optional REVO Serial Port Switch works in conjunction with the performance software allowing you to switch settings and 'tune' your vehicles fuel, boost and timing settings for maximum performance.

REVO Performance Software is programmed through your vehicles Serial Port and downloaded directly into your ECU and in most cases the entire process, including pre-checks, set up, post-test and handover typically takes less than an hour. The method of instillation is fast, reliable and eliminates hazards associated with aftermarket chip soldering installations.

Revo Technik Performance Software


Stage 1:

  • Higher Power
  • More Torque
  • Smooth Gains across rev range
  • Better Fuel Economy
  • Broader Power Band

Please contact us for power and torque gain information or visit the REVO website for up to date gain information and pricing.??5 HOUR FREE TRIAL available on petrol models?30 DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE on all models??Prices from 199.00 + VAT.

Modified Performance Upgrades


Stage 2:

A further 10% usable power over Stage 1

Stage 2 requires specific hardware upgrades which we can help you choose and supply for you. Typically you will see 10-15% power over a Stage 1 gain with the addition of a performance exhaust, sports or de cat, intake and intercooler.


Stage 2+:

Only available on certain 2.0L TFSI engines and requires the addition of an up-rated high pressure fuel pump allowing a typical increase of 5-10% over a Stage 2 gain when using all recommended hardware.


Stage 3:

Compliments large turbo upgrades up to an increase of 200% when compared to a standard (stock) vehicle

Revo Stage 3 Performance Software gains are dependant on specific hardware, settings and fuel quality requiring a strict and thoroughly tested hardware build list including the use of an up-rated aftermarket turbo charger.

RevoRevo are innovaters of Serial Port Switching to the aftermarket, offering 2 options:

  • Select Switch:
  • Stock and performance switchability
  • Octane specific settings
  • Anti-theft mode
  • Select Plus Switch with the added benefits over the Select Switch of:
  • Variable boost and timing settings
  • User presets


DSG Transmission Performance Software for 2.0L TFSI:


Stage1 DSG software Drive and Sport shift maps are based on the sportiest available factory specification maps. With our global market, we have access to, and have been able to test all factory variants and hand pick the sportiest factory maps upon which to base our shift maps. European GTi maps have slightly increased rpm shift points for different throttle positions over other factory versions, giving a sportier drive to cars running other regional software.

Revo Stage2 DSG software has even sportier shift maps to complement the turbo upgrades.


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